• Kyle Adams

WWE Releases and Predictions of New Homes

WWE earlier this month released a handful of Superstars from their roster in order to financially battle COVID-19. Being the last 5 years or so, WWE actually hoarded talent. Some superstars WWE had contracts with ended up staying home even to this day because they don't have anything for them to be involved in. So most wrestlers would sit out their contract while getting paid. WWE instead of letting them go elsewhere, would offer more money and a longer contract. However due to losing money on it's biggest show of the year, and the XFL taking a nose dive, off a cliff, with its hands behind its back.

WWE Released 23 of their talent if backstage and on-screen as of 4.15.20, here's the list and where I think they should end up moving forward.

1. Karl Anderson New Destination: New Japan Pro Wrestling

Before Karl Anderson was released, He was a member of the O.C. with Luke Gallows and A.J. Styles. Only winning the tag team championship twice with Luke Gallows and winning "Best Tag Team in the World" gimmick with WWE after not being seen on television for months.

Before WWE, Karl Anderson was highly decorated in New Japan Pro Wrestling winning their tag titles four times. Holding the longest reign and most defenses with the title - doing so in his first reign with Giant Bernard (Also known as Albert in WWE) Also winning the GHC tag team championship in Pro Wrestling Noah and won Tag Team of the Year by Wrestling Observer Newsletter in 2011. Not to mention 3 time winner of NPJW's G1/World Tag League tournament. 2009 with Bernard, 2012 with Hirooki Goto and 2013 with now partner Doc Gallows. (Baaack to Back *in my drake voice).

He'll go back to where he was cherished in New Japan and probably finish up his career there. Anderson is now 40 years old, he can probably work another 10 - 15 years still helping the new talent develop. New Japan is still tag heavy to this day along with AEW so he could find a home there as well with Gallows who was released with him.

2. Luke Gallows

New Destination: New Japan Pro Wrestling

Before Luke Gallows was released, he pretty much had the same story written as Karl Anderson for they were tag team member since 2013.

Before WWE however, Luke bounced around including three previous runs with WWE back in 2006 as Imposter Kane, and being repackaged as Festus in 2007, then repackaged again as Luke Gallows the stable mate of Straight Edge Society ran by C.M. Punk. Bouncing over to TNA once released Luke became D.O.C. (Director of Chaos - womp, womp) helping out the Aces and Eights stable. Finally finding stability in New Japan tagging alongside Karl Anderson and becoming overall five time champs.

I'd go back, though AEW is new land to conquer, I've always appreciated The Dudley's who captured tag team titles in just about every promotion they've worked for. They could go that route but, there's no place like home.

3. The Revival [Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson]

New Destination: National Wrestling Alliance

Being packaged together in WWE, they've become the only two time tag team champions in the NXT brand, Raw tag team championships twice, as well the Smackdown tag team championships becoming the only tag team to become Triple Crown winners.

What? You thought I was going to say AEW? Nope. Their motto of "No Flips, Just Fists" is the southern tag team style that screams NWA. It's a resurgence for their image and they can dominate their tag team scene as well help fill it out a bit. NWA currently has six tag teams, and their current champions are Eli Drake and James Storm.

Work NWA for about a few years, join AEW while red hot in NWA and go back to doing what you loved in the first place.



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