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  • That 5 Tho: Greatest Live Performances

    Hey everybody, welcome to the 1st installment of "That 5 Tho". We all love lists, am I right? Well, I would hope so foo you clicked the link. No take backs. In T5T, we give a top 5 of things we enjoy, hopefully you'll find a common ground of interest as we go over some cool things and even learn a thing or two. On this installment, we're going over Live Performances. Some of these performances includes flips, heavy rain, and just pure amazing talent. Not only is it one thing to write an entire record, but to perform it while adding elements to your performance is a whole different level of genius. In this installment we're going in order ranking from 5th to 1st. Let's check out some dope performances and either take a trip down memory lane or experience something new for the first time. 5th: Kendrick Lamar - Be Humble Performed By Fans. Kung Fu Kenny makes the list at number 5. Why? Well he makes us miss a crowd. As of June 2021, things are starting to open up to the public once again. Seeing a crowd perform like this makes me miss a crowd...kind of. I'm short so I don't miss looking at the back of anyone's head while boppin' to my favorite or familiar joint. I do miss sharing a common interest and that is that we both love and know this record. The video itself was posted in 2017 and there is multiple versions of this as it's a tour gimmick of his but it's still good to see. I wonder if he ever gets annoyed or if he's joyed because he don't have to kill his voice on the same song over and over again (lol). 4th: P!NK - So What Performed at iHeart Radio Music Festival 2012. Besides Billie Joe Armstrong stealing the show. P!NK did her thing, makes for double seeing her use the same gear as Attack on Titan , She's hooked to a harness while flipping and spinning in the air. Yes, Yes I know she practiced but it still takes a lot of courage and skill to not only hit your notes but perfectly well while free spinning in mid air is extremely amazing. Based on what ol' Billie was going through with the crowd engagement, it seemed as if Pink was going through the same thing "Come on! You know this song..." they did not seem too engaged in these artist. Could Green Day and P!NK have been outdated in 2012? "So What" was on its 4 year run at the time of this festival however she was gearing up for her next album in "The Truth Above Love" later that year. No idea why the crowd was so bland, especially when you see a performance like this. 3rd: Childish Gambino: So Into You (Tamia Cover) Performed at Like A Version Coming home at 5 am after work, got my bowl packed and I'm surfing on YouTube to wind down and go to sleep. I stumbled across this Gem. I often callback to this video and it's been around for 6 years now. My good friend Alex and I are fan boys of Childish Gambino, well Donald Glover as a whole. In this song, he cover Tamia's So Into You which is fantastic and I look forward to doing a T5T on covers. But from the start to the breakdown, to the band wishing us a good night at the end. Childish Gambino is a top tier talent and if the end of him is true, I wonder what Donald Glover can come up with. I believe in this moment he was transitioning to a rapper with Camp, into whatever the F he wants. Noticing he's both a singer and rapper, I feel he can do no wrong. 2nd: The Weeknd - Scared To Live Performed at Saturday Night Live This was tough, it was a three way tie between Blinding Lights at SNL or Heartless at Stephen Colbert's Late Show (Low key my favorite of all time). I chose to put this song on the list for the fact it's TOO close to the studio version, I remember while watching this live the company I was with had questioned if this was lip synced or not. The Weeknd has secretly stole a spot in my top 5 for artists of all time. His performances, his lyrics, his style...all of it is great to me. If I wasn't mistaken by the introduction of this video by Daniel Craig I think he became a fan too. Let's not take away from the band who did a good job as well. One of my favorite songs by The Weeknd performed very well and I hope you enjoy a personal favorite of mine. As long as I keep doing these T5T's I promise he'll be in a lot of my lists, hell I might even give him his own. I have 3 of 5 of great performances just in this paragraph and title alone. 1st: Prince - Purple Rain Performed at Super Bowl You know something is special if Mother Nature wants to help out. Prince did this halftime show with heavy rain, with multiple guitars, heels, the crowd, back up dancers...who were also in heels. All of it is just an amazing experience. This one hits home a little because I watched this with my mother during the game (The only reason she wanted to watch the game in the first place). Prince has always been my favorite performer and he could of made this list multiple times like The Weeknd up above. I'm sure you'll also see his face a lot while these T5T's are being made. Enjoy the video. Here's a bonus with Behind The Scenes of the Halftime show: Here. In conclusion, this list shows creative genius, and passion. Not sure if it's getting your expressions out there or just having all eyes on you. It's something that makes these creative people pop and I'm very thankful. Did I miss any good performances? Let me know in the comments below and share to your friends for their opinion. Is there a list you have in mind that you'd like for me to conquere? Leave below in the comments or email ya boy.

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